Most Wee Jobs are completed within 7 days of the order being received. Services are available between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm on normal working days, excluding weekends and public holidays. If you have any further queries after placing your order you may contact the Customer Services Team on info@weejobs.co.nz

To complete your Wee Job order you will be required to enter Credit Card at checkout. Once the order is processed a “hold” is placed on your credit card for the total amount of the Wee Jobs order. At the completion of the Wee Job the full total (or lesser amount if changes to the job have happened) will be charged to your card.

Due to the nature of the Credit Card billing, there is a limit to the changes that can be made to an order once it has been placed. If you need to add or remove services on an order you may contact the Customer Services Team on info@weejobs.co.nz

Our Wee Jobs team member will be responsible for general clean up of any packaging or mess (e.g., sawdust) made during your Wee Job. In some circumstances where the item is not supplied by us, for example the Kitset assembly jobs, our Wee Jobber will neatly stack the leftover packaging for you to dispose of. Please check the FAQ for each product to see if this applys.

The team of Wee Jobbers have a printed photo I.D card, wear a uniform and arrive in a sign written vehicle, along with that all our staff are background checked with integrity, commitment, loyalty and communication being the key components of the Wee jobbers core values.

The Wee Jobs team understand the way in which we conduct ourselves and the delivery of services we offer must add value to your brand and reputation, whilst actively contributing towards Zero Harm for all.  We provide the training required to deliver the excellent services the company has a reputation for.  Our structure, systems and technology solutions enable us to effectively communicate with our team and monitor their performance throughout the country.  

Wee Jobbers are highly focused on safety.  It is very important that, you the customers and your family along with our Wee Jobbers remain as safe as possible and there is a high level of comfort that we all act safely in the current environment. 

With this in mind all Wee Jobbers are Covid double vaccinated.  Wee Jobbers are encouraged to wear a mask when interacting with people and upon entering customers home along with maintaining a 2-metre physical distance from people where practicable.

Your Wee Jobber will use hand sanitiser or wash their hands with soap and water often and thoroughly.  The Wee Jobbers supervisory team will remotely monitor jobs and our team have a communication structure in place for remotely reporting hazards/challenges from customer sites.

Please be assured that we and our Wee Jobber team members take your health and wellbeing, along with their own, seriously.