Redeeming a Gift Card

Redeeming a Wee Jobs Gift Card

Lucky you — you’ve received a Wee Jobs Gift Card from someone who cares about you.

The great thing about Gift Cards is you can use them to purchase any Wee Jobs service available in your region.

Follow the steps below to redeem your Gift Card and our trusty team of Wee Jobers will take care of the rest.

How to redeem your Gift Card

  1. Browse the jobs we offer in your desired region and add the suitable ones to your cart.
  2. If you clicked on Redeem in your Gift Card notification email, then the balance of your Gift Card has already been credited to your shopping Cart and will be taken off the total price.

    If you didn’t, then simply input your unique Gift Card number (found in your notification email, or on the physical card the gift giver sent you) on the shopping Cart page to do the same thing. N.B: If you have more than one Card you can apply multiple unique Gift Card numbers here.
  3. Proceed to checkout, enter your details (or log in if you’re a returning customer) and place your order.
  4. If the cost of your order was less than the balance of your Gift Card, then the remaining credit remains on the Gift Card and can be put towards future orders.
  5. If you’re unsure how much credit is on your Gift Card, go to the Check Gift Card Balance page and enter your unique Card number.
  6. If you receive additional Gift Cards in the future, repeat steps 1–3 above using the new Gift Card number. Points 4–5 will apply to any Gift Cards you receive.

How does Wee Jobs work?

What needs doing?

Find the relevant jobs available in your region and add them to your cart.

Booking multiple jobs at once reduces the cost.

(If you can’t find what you need, request a ‘Special Job’ and we’ll come back to you.)

Place your order

Complete the checkout process to place your order.

Use a Gift Card if you have one.

We don’t take payment until we’ve taken care of your job(s).

We take care of it

We process your order and make contact to schedule a suitable time for our visit.

Your job(s) will be taken care of within five days, before payment is processed.

(You can then review us, book more jobs, or buy a Gift Card for a friend or family member.)

See all jobs available in your region

We harness the time, skills, and equipment to take care of all your Wee Jobs.

What our customers are saying about us

So grateful planting four trees and two of them large.  Thank you so much. Already recommended this company to my friends.

Lynette Rudling

Great work.  Highly recommended!! Easy booking experience through the website.  Good communication.  Fast turnaround, very committed to completing the job with attention to detail. 

I Ashworth

Door Chime

Wee Jobber did fantastic work here, I am really pleased.