Doors and Gates

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We have a range of Wee Jobs to take care of the doors and gates at your place.

Our Wee Jobers can silence squeaky hinges, protect walls from door handles, help visitors announce their arrival, and more.

What to expect

We’ll arrive at your home with all the items and tools necessary to complete your requested Wee Job. If we’re installing something (e.g., door stop, door chain, gate latch, doorbell, etc), we may discuss the best placement options with you before getting down to business.

Once installation is complete, we’ll check our work to ensure smooth operation, clean up, pack up and leave you to it.

Taking care of all your door and gate needs

To make the most of our visit, why not book multiple jobs to get all your doors and gates into fine fettle.

We can install a doorbell at your main entrance, lubricate all your door hinges, put doorstops in to protect walls, add a door chain for security, and tidy up gates by installing new latches.

Give your loved one the gift of our trustworthy team’s time and expertise with a Wee Jobs Gift card.

How does Wee Jobs work?

What needs doing?

Find the relevant jobs available in your region and add them to your cart.

Booking multiple jobs at once reduces the cost.

(If you can’t find what you need, request a ‘Special Job’ and we’ll come back to you.)

Place your order

Complete the checkout process to place your order.

Use a Gift Card if you have one.

We don’t take payment until we’ve taken care of your job(s).

We take care of it

We process your order and make contact to schedule a suitable time for our visit.

Your job(s) will be taken care of within five days, before payment is processed.

(You can then review us, book more jobs, or buy a Gift Card for a friend or family member.)

Frequently asked questions about Doors and Gates

How long does it take?
Usually, single installation jobs are finished within an hour, but this can vary depending on the installation environment. And of course, if we’re completing multiple Wee Jobs, our visit will last longer.
Can you complete multiple door and gate jobs during the same visit?
Which brand of items do you supply and install during door and gate jobs?
Can you install a new door or gate for me?
Are the doorbells you install hardwired?
What happens if damage occurs during installation?