Hang Small Items

Have questions?
Have any items or shelves that need to be hung in your home and just haven’t got around to it yet?

As one of our most popular Wee Jobs; we hang a variety of items all through your home.

What to expect
Our field service operatives will arrive and discuss with you where you want the item and then get to work. We will arrive with our own tools however the customer will supply the item and any brackets required.

We’ve got all your needs covered

We can hang as many items as you need in the one visit. We’ll cater to your needs whether you have one picture or have a whole room to furnish.

Give your loved one the gift of our trustworthy team’s time and expertise with a Wee Jobs Gift card.

How does Wee Jobs work?

What needs doing?

Find the relevant jobs available in your region and add them to your cart.

Booking multiple jobs at once reduces the cost.

(If you can’t find what you need, request a ‘Special Job’ and we’ll come back to you.)

Place your order

Complete the checkout process to place your order.

Use a Gift Card if you have one.

We don’t take payment until we’ve taken care of your job(s).

We take care of it

We process your order and make contact to schedule a suitable time for our visit.

Your job(s) will be taken care of within five days, before payment is processed.

(You can then review us, book more jobs, or buy a Gift Card for a friend or family member.)

Frequently asked questions about Hang Small Items

Can you hang more than one item for me?
We sure can!  Just adjust the amount of each item you need hung and add it to your cart before making your order.
How long does it take?
What happens if damage occurs during the work?