Level 3 – Welfare Check

Level 3 - Welfare Check
Level 3 - Welfare Check


A Level 3 Welfare Check sees us call in on your loved one, check how they’re doing and stick around to complete a set of activities that takes up to ten minutes.

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A $15 booking and scheduling fee applies to each visit to your property. (Does not apply to subscriptions).

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One of our dependable Wee Jobers will visit your loved one in their home at a prearranged time. Your loved one will open the door to a friendly face and an open ear.

In addition to a nice chat, our reliable team member will complete a set of activities taking up to ten minutes. The tasks could include opening a jar, emptying the dishwasher, retrieving an item from a high shelf, watering the plants, getting the TV back on the right channel, etc.

We then provide a report on the Welfare Check and the activities we completed. For your peace of mind, we can do this over the phone from the property, or via email following the visit.


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Frequently asked questions about Level 3 – Welfare Check

Can I choose a day and time for you to complete the Level 3 Welfare Check?

Yes. Once we’ve received your order, we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable time in the next five days for our visit.

Will you offer any sort of health checks during the Welfare Check?
What happens if there is no answer at the door?
Can a Level 3 Welfare Check be combined with other Wee Jobs?

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