Supply & Install Door Chain

Supply & Install Door Chain
Supply & Install Door Chain


This Wee Job includes supply and installation of one safety door chain. This security device lets you open your door just far enough to greet visitors or provide ventilation, while maintaining a barrier to entry.

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A $15 booking and scheduling fee applies to each visit to your property. (Does not apply to subscriptions).

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A friendly Wee Jober will attend your home at the prearranged time with a high-quality door chain security device in hand, ready to get to work.

You will direct them to the door in question and discuss your ideal security chain position — within easy reach for you, but not any tempted little ones or pets.

They will then apply their skills and tools to securely install the door chain, before checking it operates as intended, and showing you how the easy-to-use device functions.


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Frequently asked questions about Supply & Install Door Chain

Can I choose when you install the door chain?

Yes. After you’ve completed checkout and submitted your order, we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time in the next five days to complete the work.

What sort of doors can I have safety chains installed on?
Do I need to provide the door chain?
How many doors should I have security chains installed on?
How long will installing the door chain take?
Can I combine this option with other Wee Jobs services?
What happens if damage occurs during installation?

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