Take out a Rubbish Bin/Bag (once)

Woman moving rubbish bin
Take out a Rubbish Bin/Bag (once)


Place standard rubbish bag out (once)

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Please let us know where to find and return your bin
A $15 booking and scheduling fee applies to each visit to your property. (Does not apply to subscriptions).

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We can come and take out your rubbish bin/bag the day before it’s due to go out.

The bin needs to be easily accessible in a clearly designated area.


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Frequently asked questions about Take out a Rubbish Bin/Bag (once)

How do I cancel my weekly ‘Take out the rubbish’ subscription?

You can manage your subscriptions in My Account. You can cancel your ‘Take out the rubbish’ subscription any time after the minimum four-week period.

Can I use a Wee Jobs Gift Card for this service?
Will you take my rubbish away with you?
My area uses wheelie bins… Can you bring my wheelie bin back in after my rubbish collection?
Can you take out my recycling, green waste, and food waste bins as well as my rubbish?
Where should I leave my rubbish bag or wheelie bin for you to take out?
What happens if my region uses rubbish bags and I have more than one to go out?
My wheelie bin has a lid clip which stops the lid from blowing open… Will you make sure that’s attached when you take the bin out?
Do I need to be at home when you to take the rubbish out or bring my bin in?
What happens when I don’t need my weekly subscription anymore?
Can you handle my rubbish collection if I have a dog?
Are you responsible for my rubbish being collected?
What happens if damage occurs during the work?

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