Supply & Install Window Stay on Aluminium Window (2 per window)

Window stay on aluminium frame
Supply & Install Window Stay on Aluminium Window (2 per window)


This Wee Job includes supply and installation of two window stays on one aluminium window and is recommended for windows wider than 500mm.

Should you require more than one Wee Job of the same type in a single visit, a discount will be applied at checkout.

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A $15 booking and scheduling fee applies to each visit to your property. (Does not apply to subscriptions).

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A Wee Jobs team member will visit your property with two window stays and all the necessary tools and know-how to safely install them on your aluminium window.

Once directed to the right window, they’ll get to work positioning and installing one stay on each side of the window for improved security and ventilation, year-round.

Then they’ll make sure your window functions as it should before packing up and heading off.


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Can I choose a day and time for you to come?

Once you’ve gone through the checkout and submitted your order, we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable time in the next five days to complete the work.

What sort of windows can I have stays installed on?
Do I need to provide the window stays?
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